Israel Analytical Chemistry Society
The Israel Society for Analytical Chemistry was established with the target goal of promoting the field of analytical chemistry in Israel, in both research and education. The society believes that working towards this aim will bring additional people to this field and widen it's popularity.
The Society is also working towards close contact with Israel's leading Analytical companies; it is active in organizing conferences and publishing Israeli achievements in analytical chemistry, thus ensuring the firm connection between the academy and the local industry in the field, and allowing the free flow of information between them.

Scientific Committee

Prof. Raz Jelinek

Vice President and Dean for Research & Development
Carole and Barry Kaye Chair in Applied Science
Ben Gurion University

Prof. Israel Schechter

President, IACS
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology

Prof. Joseph Almog

The Hebrew University

Prof. Aviv Amirav

Tel Aviv University

Prof. Dror Avisar

Tel Aviv University

Dr. Raphy Bar

Pharmaceutical Consultant

Dr. Orna Dreazen

Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Nextar Ltd.

Dr. Igal Gozlan

Analytical Consultant

Prof. Ovadia Lev

The Hebrew University

Dr. Shula Levin


Prof. Daniel Mandler

The Hebrew University


The Israel Analytical Chemistry Society is inviting speakers, poster presenters, participants and exhibitors from all over the world to join its 23 Annual Meeting - ISRANALYTICA 2020.
This website offers you all available information regarding ISRANALYTICA 2020, according to specified issues.

We hope to welcome you at the Meeting!
For more information please click here

Past Events:

Isranalytica 2019
the 22nd annual Conference 2019

Isranalytica 2016
the 19th annual Conference 2016
Isranalytica 2017
the 20th annual Conference 2017
Isranalytica 2018
the 21st annual Conference 2018

Isranalytica 2013
the 16th annual Conference 2013

Isranalytica 2014
the 17th annual Conference 2014
Isranalytica 2015
the 18th annual Conference 2015

Isranalytica 2010
the 13th annual Conference 2010
Isranalytica 2011
the 14th annual Conference 2011
Isranalytica 2012
the 15th annual Conference 2012

Isranalytica 2007
the 10th annual Conference 2007
Isranalytica 2008
the 11th annual Conference 2008
Isranalytica 2009
the 12th annual Conference 2009

Isranalytica 2004
the 7th annual Conference 2004
Isranalytica 2005
the 8th annual Conference 2005
Isranalytica 2006
the 9th annual Conference 2006


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